Debt Recovery

Are you owed money that you would like to collect?

If so, you can take legal action to recover it with Melville Orton & Lewis. In certain situations, you can also recover your legal costs related to recovery proceedings.

Melville Orton & Lewis can assist you with:

  • Preparing a Statement of Claim – used to demand either payment or defence of the matter within 28 days (after the Statement of Claim is served); and with
  • Entering Judgement against the debtor (when no action is taken within 28 days).

Once Judgement is entered, a number of procedures are available to enforce it.

At Melville Orton Lewis, our debt recovery lawyers can assist you with:

  • Writs (seizure of goods to sell in order to repay the debt),
  • Examination Summons (requiring the debtor to attend Court to display how they will satisfy the Judgement), and
  • Garnishees Orders (whereby the Court can order a third party to pay money to a creditor instead of a debtor).

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